About Us

Photo Intellimidia. The New and Inovative way of selling photos in Real-Time.
Our platform was specially created to Empower Photographers all around the World, this innovative idea can help photographers make money right by the spot selling their photos in Real-time.
This idea was created based on our CEO and Founder Marcello Oliveira, photojournalist and Software Engineer.
The reality on Photography Business nowadays is not the same as 20 years ago, and it looks like a lot of Professionals and Talented Photographers are not making enough money and there is a lot of competition for paid events as well.
We also found out that many people would like to buy their photos but they normally don't have a way to buy them and in other hand Photographers complains as well that it is hard to make money because they are unable to find all the guest from an event after if finish.
We have created this platform because we believe that the photographers can make some extra money from everywhere in the world just synchronizing their Professional Photos into the Internet.
Intellimidia is an integrated solution that synchronizes the Professional Photographer photos into the platform and the client can go there while the event is happening and buy them using credit cards or debit cards, simple as that.

"Intellimidia, Another way of make money through Photography"