Increase your Photo Sales

When your clients have the opportunity of buying their memories in Realtime your Sales increase, Intellimidia offers you the possibility of promoting your photos before the event finish.

Your Photo Payment App

Concentrate on what you do best which is Photography and Intellimidia takes care of the rest through its automate system that will sell your photos in Realtime.

Workshops and Training

Your success is ours success which means Intellimidia is fully committed in organize workshops and training in order to keep our photographers up to date with the latest's photography techniques.

Ideal for Photographers

Through our new Photos Realtime App you can upload your photos to Intelliidia Platform so your clients can buy photos while the event is happening.

Intellimidia Photos Realtime App

In order to use our technology you must download the APP avaibale for Iphone and Android, Signup for free and Buy the Wifi SD Card to use in your Professional Camera.

Buy the Wifi SD Card